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AIRJET Air Pump KWA80DC-THS Series

Oil-Free. Compact size. Corrosion resistance. Long life. Maintenance-free. Light weight Low Weight. Low noise level & vibration. Low Power and High efficiency. Can be mounted in any plane. DC Carbon Brush/Brushless Motor

AIRJET High Pressure Air Pump DC Air Pump 12V / 24V Electric Brushless Air Pump Motor Drive High Vacuum Air Pump Diaphragm Air Pump KWA80DC-THS Series -90KPA 16Bar 17L/min

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Compact Compact size


Long life

Maintenance free

Low Weight

Low noise level & vibration

Low Power High efficiency

Can be mounted in any plane

DC Carbon Brush/Brushless Motor


Typical Applications

  • Gas detection devices
  • Sewage disposal
  • Patient Monitoring
  • Wide-Format Printer
  • Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Bio-Chemical Analyzer
  • Gas massage products
  • Electrolyte
  • Lab equipment
  • Beauty equipment
  • Microplate Washer
  • Chemistry analysis
  • Air Sampler
  • Vacuum transfer
  • Automatic Tourniquet
  • Autoclave


Use Area

        Vacuum distillation
        Multi-bottle filtration
        Gel drying
        Completely replace the water circulation pump
        Dental oven
        Vacuum furnace/drying
        Development/pre-production testing

Medical instruments
        Surgical suction device
        Blood pressure measurement
        Pulse tube

        Surgical suction device
        Blood pressure measurement
        Pulse tube

Analysis technology and environmental protection
        Gas and air sampling (exhaust gas, asbestos, environmental pollution)
        Process Engineering
        Mass Spectrometry
        Atomic absorption spectrophotometer
        Flame photometer

Chemical/Process Engineering
        Transport, evacuation and compression of lively toxic substances
        Radiological observations in nuclear power plants

        Disc and chip processing
        The sweat of the microchip
        Printing Technology

        Spectral imaging diagnostic system
        Blood analysis

Printing Technology

Cleaning industry
        Washing equipment
        Disinfection/cleaning of endoscopes


Water treatment
        Sample processing (waste liquid observation)

Technical Parameters

Rated voltage DC24V Serial
Rated current 6A
No-load Flow/Free flow 15L/M
Max. pressure 16Bar
Max. vacuum -90Kpa
Use temperature Ambient temperature 0-40 ℃
Weight 1600g


  • can be mounted in any plane
  • Both vacuum and pressure can be applicable as vacuum pump or pressure pump
  • material: Parts in contact with medium Option
  • Pump head: PPS
  • Piston, valves: PTFE and EPDM


Notes of micro air pump

  • Do not use this product beyond the limit specified in this specification.
  • When using the brushless motor, be noted that the input power should be constant pressure and filtering.
  • Keep the inlet and outlet clean and smooth , no solid particles.
  • May contain a small amount of water, not solid foreign objects into the pump body.
  • In inlet and outlet of the non-clean,please install air intake filters.
  • The specification of this product is only for your reference
  • The specific details should check the real products.
  • Products should be made according to customer's request within the permitted range.
  • Non-professional person should not disassemble this product.
  • Long service life at room temperature environment.
  • Can supply a variety of certifications according to customer's requests.
  • Please ensure the input voltage meets the specification and make sure the power polarities are connected properly.
  • Connect a filter to the inlet to block dust, fiber,water drops when the operational environment is worse.
  • Use φ4 silicone tube and Connect a silencer to the outlet for noise reduction purpose.
  • Make ventilation holes or slots on the bottom or side of device housing for heat dissipating is strongly recommended.
  • Use a piece of thick sponge or foam to wrap the pump for installation would reduce noise and vibration.
  • To extend the life time, Suggest to design a control circuit include a pressure sensor to let the pump work in intervals.
  • Pack and Store the pump well in clean, temperature and humidity controlled place to avoid rusting of motor.

Application of micro air pump

  • Electronic products,agriculture,finishing,light industry products
  • Analytic-al instruments
  • Chemical and production engineering
  • Various ancillary equipment
  • Medical Electronics: Blood pressure; negative pressure wound therapy device; oxygen machine; breast pump; the suction machine; ICU monitor; ozone disinfection; etc.
  • Household appliance: Vacuum fresh juice machine; coffee machine; automatic tea; fragrance machines; dryers; fragrant Irons etc.
  • Health Massage: Massage chair; neck massage; aquarium; beauty device etc.
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