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FLOWJET Diaphragm Pump KFL-500 Series

1. Low noise, corrosion resistance, high pressure, self-priming height of 5m. Lift up to 60 meters
2. The temperature of the medium can reach 70℃.
3. Allow long time dry operation.
4. Built-in pressure switch to protect the pump from damage during operation.
5. Using safe low voltage to ensure personal safety.
6. Built-in centrifugal cooling fan, can work continuously for a long time

FLOWJET Chlorine Water Spray Pump High Flow Pump Diaphragm Pump KFL-500 Series DC Pump Electric Pump12/24/36/60/72V 500W 50LPM 95PSI

Intelligent pressure switch: control the pressure of the water pump, the water pump stops working when the pressure exceeds the pressure, and the water pump works automatically when the pressure is lower than the start pressure.

Imported super wear-resistant pfa film is installed at the bottom of the diaphragm, which can more effectively extend the life of the diaphragm.

Four carbon brushes The water pump is more powerful, the motor has a longer service life, and the effective use time of carbon brushes is 2000 hours.

The built-in centrifugal cooling fan can quickly take away the heat of the motor, so that the pump can work continuously for a long time.

Four magnet tiles, stronger magnetism and greater torque. The power of the pump is stronger.

The motor adopts pure copper enameled wire with high temperature resistance and high insulation grade, which has stronger power and longer service life.


1. Low noise, corrosion resistance, high pressure, self-priming height of 5m. Lift up to 60 meters
2. The temperature of the medium can reach 70℃.
3. Allow long time dry operation.
4. Built-in pressure switch to protect the pump from damage during operation.
5. Using safe low voltage to ensure personal safety.
6. Built-in centrifugal cooling fan, can work continuously for a long time



Volts (V)

Amps (A)

Power (W)

Open FLow (LPM/GPM)

Pressure (PSI/bar)

Suction (M)

Valve Diaphragm Ports

Weight (Kg)

KFL-500-12 12 42 500 50/13.2 95/6.5 5 EPDM/VITON Santoprene 3/4"NPTF 4.5
KFL-500-24 24 21 500 50/13.2 95/6.5 5 EPDM/VITON Santoprene 3/4"NPTF 4.5
KFL-500-48 48 10.5 500 50/13.2 95/6.5 5 EPDM/VITON Santoprene 3/4"NPTF 4.5
KFL-500-60 60 8.3 500 50/13.2 95/6.5 5 EPDM/VITON Santoprene 3/4"NPTF 4.5
KFL-500-72 72 7 500 50/13.2 95/6.5 5 EPDM/VITON Santoprene 3/4"NPTF 4.5


1. It is suitable for household tap water pressurization, car washing, water desalination of ships, watering vegetables, sprinkler irrigation, fishpond spraying, etc.
2. Diaphragm pump structure can be used to fill corrosive liquids such as diesel, urea and methanol. It can also be used in water treatment equipment, filters, spray devices, chemical metering and liquid filling, sanitation, environmental protection, printing and other industries.
3. Garden irrigation. The pump has a high lift and is used with a multifunctional water-saving sprinkler. The direct water can hit more than 10 meters, and the distance can reach 20 meters to 25 meters. Suitable for urban greening, greenhouse irrigation, etc.

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