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FLOWDRIFT Magnetic Drive Gear Pump KGP-06N

Rev. adjustable, with speed and reverse rotation, low noise, and small size, coupled with the host computer can realize intelligent control, and long-term stability, especially for frequent starts and stops of the workplace, such as: liquid packaging machine
Use medium: acid, alkali, salt, organic solvent, oil at room temperature.

FLOWDRIFTTM DC Electric Brushless Motor Magnetic Drive High Pressure Stainless Steel Gear Pump KGP-06N And Controller High Flow 10-18LPM Quiet Working Food Grade for Hot Water 0-100℃ High Viscosity 3000CPS Allowed


KGP-06N Magnetic drive gear pumps, the use of DC Brushless Motor powered, rare earth permanent magnet Motor shaft and the outer magnetic ring connection, the drive gear pump. Configuration of Brushless Motor drive independently realize Motor function control. It features Rev. adjustable, with speed and reverse rotation, low noise, and small size, coupled with the host computer can realize intelligent control, and long-term stability, especially for frequent starts and stops of the workplace, such as: liquid packaging machine.  KGP-06N full range of gears. pump head can use an external drive type Brushless Motor.


KGP-06N magnetic drive gear pump, magnetically coupled transmission without leakage, 316 stainless steel material precision machined housing, PEEK machined gear, static sealing made of PTFE material. The pump can be used in a -0.1Map-2Map closed system. The rated output pressure is 5bar, the maximum output pressure is 15bar, and the output flow rate is 500-11000ml/min. Widely used in hemodialysis machines, inkjet printers, inkjet printers, pharmaceutical, chemical, water treatment, printing, cleaning, packaging, filling machines, food processing and other fields of liquid metering and transportation. It is especially suitable for construction machinery, vehicle equipment, and automobile exhaust gas treatment.


Model specification


Position 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  KGP - 06 N 15 / DC24V BL
Model KGP-06N15/DC24BL
7 Motor voltage DC24V = DC 24V Motor DC48V = DC 48V Motor
8 Motor Types BL = DC Brushless Motor




1. Motor Power: 400W, 600W

2. Speed Control: Built-in drive voltage 0 ~ DC5V governor.

3. 0 ~ 5V pulse signal output for speed or constant speed control.

4. Altitude: ≤ 2500 meters

5. Ambient humidity: ≤ 75%

6. Fluid viscosity: 0 ~ 3000CPS

7. Ambient temperature: -30~50 ° C

8. Fluid temperature: -10°C ≤ T ≤ 100 ° C (except for freezing)

9. Working style: continuous working system

10. Use medium: acid, alkali, salt, organic solvent, oil at room temperature.


Suitable areas

• Automotive • Food processing equipment • Medical equipment • Water Cycle

• Packaging Machinery • Vending machines • inkjet printer, inkjet printers • detection equipment


Technical parameters

Model preset pressure flow Power System pressure Rev. Medium viscosity
KGP-06N15/DC24VBL 0bar 15000ml/min 400W -0.8 to 20bar 150-3000rpm 0.2 ~ 3000cps
3Bar 10000ml/min 400W
KGP-06N15/DC48VBL 0bar 15000ml/min 400W
3Bar 10000ml/min 400W
KGP-06N25/DC48VBL 0bar 18000ml/min 600W
3Bar 15000ml/min 600W


Pressure-Flow Chart:




Outline Dimension Chart:




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