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BM-F2 Fogging misting machine plunger pump 4-8LPM 100Bar

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China Dongguan Kodo Tech Co., Ltd certification
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BM-F2 Fogging misting machine plunger pump 4-8LPM 100Bar

BM-F2 Fogging misting machine plunger pump 4-8LPM 100Bar
BM-F2 Fogging misting machine plunger pump 4-8LPM 100Bar BM-F2 Fogging misting machine plunger pump 4-8LPM 100Bar BM-F2 Fogging misting machine plunger pump 4-8LPM 100Bar BM-F2 Fogging misting machine plunger pump 4-8LPM 100Bar

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Product Details:
Place of Origin: CN
Brand Name: SURFLO
Certification: CE, RoHS
Model Number: BM-F2
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1-100pcs
Price: 500-1200pcs
Packaging Details: Carton
Delivery Time: 10-30 working days
Payment Terms: D/A, L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 10000pcs/month
Detailed Product Description
Material: Brass Theory: Plunger Pump


BM-F2 Fogging misting machine plunger pump 4-8LPM 100Bar

BM-F2 Fogging misting machine plunger pump 4-8LPM 100Bar 0

High pressure Reciprocating Plunger Pump Model BM is generally very efficient and suitable for high heads at low flows.
Triplex Plunger Pumps are self priming as it can draw liquid from a level below the suction flange even if the suction pipe is not evacuated. Plunger pumps are not tolerant to solid particles. Here, pistons are reciprocated using crankshaft, not cam type mechanism. Pressure Jet industrial High Pressure Triplex Plunger Pumps are positive displacement Triplex plunger pumps. In a reciprocating pump, a volume of liquid is drawn into the cylinder through the suction valve on the intake stroke and is discharged under positive pressure through the outlet valves on the discharge stroke. Flow rate of pump is directly proportional to its SPM (Strokes per minute). Pressure Jet Triplex plunger pumps have three synchronized plungers that discharge liquids at high pressure with minimum pulsation. Our high pressure triplex plunger pumps include both industrial triplex piston and Triplex Plunger Pump designs


Specifications Details :

  • Folw : 4-8 L/min , 1.0-2.0 gpm
  • Pressure : 100 bar , 1450 psi
  • Power : 0.75-1.5 kw , 1-2 hp
  • Speed : 1450 rpm



  • car washer
  • misting machine
  • Agriculture & Food Processing
  • Misting, Cooling & Fogging
  • Commercial Contractor Cleaning


Brass Manifold, Solid Shaft, 24mm High Pressure Mist Pump
Model Flow Pressure Power Speed Plunger Dia Stroke
  L/min gpm bar psi hp kw rpm mm mm
BM0210 2 0.53 100 1450 0.75 0.55 1450 15 3
BM0310 3 0.79 100 1450 1 0.75 1450 15 5
BM0410 4.5 1.19 100 1450 1.5 1.1 1450 15 6
BM0510 5.5 1.45 100 1450 1.5 1.1 1450 15 7
BM0810 7.5 1.98 100 1450 2 1.5 1450 15 10
BM0818 7.5 1.98 180 2610 4 3 1450 15 10
BM1210 11 2.91 100 1450 3 2.2 1450 18 10
BM1218 11 2.91 180 2610 5.5 4 1450 18 10
BMV1218 12 3.17 180 2610 5.5 4 3400 18 10
BM1315 13 3.43 150 2175 5.5 4 1450 18 10
BMV1318 13 3.43 180 2610 5.5 4 3400 18 10
BM1325 13 3.43 250 3625 10 7.5 1450 18 10
BM1508 15 3.96 80 1160 3 2.2 1450 18 14
BM1510 15 3.96 100 1450 4 3 1450 18 14
BM1515 15 3.96 150 2175 5.5 4 1450 18 14
BM1518 15 3.96 180 2610 7.5 5.5 1450 18 14
BM1520 15 3.96 200 2900 7.5 5.5 1450 18 14
BM1525 15 3.96 250 3625 10 7.5 1450 18 14
BMV1825 18 4.76 250 3625 13 9 3400 19 14
BM1910 19 5.02 100 1450 5.5 4 1450 20 14

BM-F2 Fogging misting machine plunger pump 4-8LPM 100Bar 1BM-F2 Fogging misting machine plunger pump 4-8LPM 100Bar 2BM-F2 Fogging misting machine plunger pump 4-8LPM 100Bar 3BM-F2 Fogging misting machine plunger pump 4-8LPM 100Bar 4BM-F2 Fogging misting machine plunger pump 4-8LPM 100Bar 5BM-F2 Fogging misting machine plunger pump 4-8LPM 100Bar 6

Instructions for use

M series industrial-grade high-pressure pump uses: immersion lubrication crankshaft rotation, wear-free ceramic plunger, forged brass pump body and stainless steel valve.


It can work continuously for 24 hours without interruption.

Humidification spray, artificial landscape, high-pressure spray cooling, high-pressure cleaning, and cleaning system supporting.


1. Safety matters

1.1 In order to ensure the safe use of this pump, it is strictly prohibited for users to operate this pump without reading the instruction manual to prevent accidents and unnecessary losses.

1.2 If the machine is powered by a motor, the grounding of the machine must be safe and reliable, and a leakage protection switch or a safety protection device must be installed at the power terminal.

1.3 (CD 15W-40) oil should be added to the crankcase, and the oil level should be half of the oil mark. It is strictly forbidden to operate before adding lubricating oil.

1.4 When stopping use, the power supply of this pump should be cut off first, and then the water source should be turned off.

1.5 The pump outlet pressure should be matched reasonably, and the pump pressure should not exceed the maximum working pressure during use.

1.6 In order to prevent impurities from being sucked into the water inlet pipe, a filter with sufficient filtering area must be installed, and the mesh number of the filter is required to be no less than 40 mesh/inch.


2. Features and uses


2.1 Features
BM type three-cylinder plunger pump is a high-pressure, high-speed light and small three-cylinder plunger pump. The pump has a high speed and can be directly connected to a 4-pole motor without the need for deceleration equipment.
The pump has compact structure, small volume and light weight.


2.2 Purpose
This device is mainly used to transport clean water at room temperature.
This device is suitable for high-pressure cleaning machinery, agriculture, forestry and plant protection machinery, water-saving irrigation machinery, pressure calibration equipment, etc.


3. Working principle

The power is transferred through the crank connecting rod mechanism to convert the rotational motion of the crankshaft into the reciprocating motion of the plunger. When the plunger moves backward, due to the vacuum suction, the water inlet valve opens and the water outlet valve closes, and water is sucked into the cylinder; when the plunger moves forward, As the water pressure in the pump rises, the inlet valve is closed, the outlet valve is opened, and the high-pressure water is discharged from the outlet valve through the high-pressure pipe.

The establishment of pump pressure depends on the size of the damping of the pump outlet. Large damping means high pressure, and vice versa.


4. Pressure regulating valve

The pressure regulating valve is mainly composed of a pressure regulating cover, a pressure regulating spring, a valve stem and a ball valve seat, a check valve seat and a check valve core.

This pump is equipped with a pressure regulating valve model is 3/8 external return water pressure regulating valve

The functions of the pressure regulating valve include: ① It can regulate the pressure. ②When the spray gun is opened to spray, the pressure immediately reaches the set value, and when the spray gun is closed, the pump pressure immediately drops below 1Mpa. If the unloading valve is not installed, the pressure when the gun is turned off will be higher than that during spraying, and will consume more power than when it is working. Therefore, using an unloading valve is an effective way to save energy. Under normal circumstances, it can save about 30%.


5. Use and operation


5.1 Preparation

Before use, you should pour lubricating oil (N68-GB3142-82) into the crankcase to half the oil mark.

Connect the matching water outlet pipe, water inlet pipe, suction filter screen and bypass pipe, etc., and check whether the fasteners and the pipe joints are loose.
Connect the inlet and outlet pipes of the pump, and there should be no less than 40 mesh/inch filter device at the end of the inlet pipe to prevent debris from entering the pump and affecting the normal operation of the pump.


5.2 Start-up and operation
Generally, the unloading valve has been adjusted to the rated pressure, and no further adjustment is necessary. If you need to adjust the pressure, you should fire the gun first. After firing, turn the pressure regulating handwheel of the unloading valve while spraying to make the pressure reach the predetermined value. To start working.




Cause Solution


The pump is running but does not absorb water


problem with the water supply

Open the water supply valve
Confirm whether the water supply line is in a folded state
Do not allow air to enter the water supply line
The pump is running but fails to meet the pressure requirements
Water supply line is blocked
Air in the pump
One-way valve fails or foreign matter enters
Pressure regulating valve malfunctions or foreign matter enters
Nozzle failure
Seal failure
Check the suction line
Check the suction line
Wash or replace
Wash or replace
1. Sudden vibration when the pump is running
2. Unstable pressure / pulsation, no pressure operation
Inhaled air
One-way valve fails or foreign matter enters
Damaged O-ring at the lower end of the check valve
Check valve damaged overall
Component wear
The inlet pipe is blocked and the water intake is blocked
Accumulator without pressure
Check the suction line
Clean safety valve and replace
Replace O-ring
Replace check valve
Replace components
Check whether the system is clogged and air leaks, the pump inlet pipe size is appropriate
Check whether the inlet pipe is blocked and the size is appropriate
Repressurize or replace the accumulator
Pressure drop, sudden pressure drop in the pipeline
Seal wear
Valve spring broken
Worn or damaged nozzle
Drain valve blocked
Worn or damaged hose
Due to throttling, the pump is idling
Replace the seal assembly
Replace the spring
Replace the nozzle
Cleaning valve assembly
Repair / Replace
Check the inlet pipe at the entrance
Check if it works
Running noise
Bearing wear
Replace the bearing and refuel
Check whether the inlet pipe is blocked and the size is appropriate
Excessive unloading of overflow saliva
Plunger wear
Component / seal wear
Too much vacuum
Plunger break
Inlet pressure is too high
Replace plunger
Adjust or replace the seal assembly
Reduce the vacuum on the suction side
Replace plunger
Reduce inlet pressure
The crankcase temperature is too high
Wrong choice of lubricant
Crankcase oil volume is not suitable
Choose the right lubricant
Adjust the oil level to the appropriate amount
Crankcase water intake
Humidity is too high
Seal wear
Reduce oil seal interval
Replace the seal

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